HALO Pocket Power 5,500

  • $39.97

Elegantly designed, the HALO Pocket Power 5,500 packs a punch. This HALO Charger is great for charging your smart phones and your tablets. The HALO Pocket Power 5,500 has the power to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. With it's built in cables it has everything you need already on board.

The HALO Pocket Power 5,500 will work with all iPhones, Android phones, basic phones and other electronic devices that can be charged with a Standard USB Cable.

  • HALO Pocket Power 5,500 
  • USB Cable
  • Two Interchangeable Tips: Micro USB and Mini USB
  • Operating Instructions
  • 5,500 mAh Capacity
  • Weight: 5.84oz

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